mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

Hello everybody!

Hello everybody,
I created this blog as a reflection on the topics suggested by the Web 2.0 eTwinning Learning Event, but I'm planning to use it in the future as well. I think I can involve some colleagues in order to share tips and how-to ideas about the use of new tools.
I already knew the blog option as a powerful tool for the teacher: it can be used to "meet" pupils outside the school, and have them reflect on the different subjects, share their ideas, opinions and so on. It's always surprising for them to be asked to express their opinions, and this adds to motivation of course.
I'd love to find new partners to work with them with our classes or just to exchange ideas.
Good blogging everybody!

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  1. Hi dear Laura!
    You're a digital native indeed. Let's reflect upon learning/teaching together every now and then.